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       Beijing Chengzhiqin Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional accounting agency approved by the financial department。Adhering to the purpose of "professional, fast, efficient and enthusiastic", all employees of our company provide comprehensive and diversified professional accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions in the city。

       The company is composed of professionals with senior professional background and rich practical experience. In daily work, the financial management system combining theory and practice is adopted, and advanced financial software is used to process all kinds of financial data, providing you with the most scientific and safe computer bookkeeping, business registration and data analysis services。Following national policies, avoiding fiscal and tax risks, and keeping corporate secrets are the basic principles of our work. Making full use of preferential tax policies to bring ****** benefits to enterprises is our eternal pursuit。
       Professional elite team: to form a professional industry team with professional talents, to provide customers with professional services。 Rich practice experience: various industries, various types of customer service, accumulated rich practice experience。Timely policy information: pay attention to the dynamic changes of fiscal and tax policies, laws and regulations in real time, and make keen judgments。
       Our company pursues the corporate culture of "customer first, integrity-based, the pursuit of excellence and common development", and is determined to build a flagship enterprise in the bookkeeping industry。
       A good helper of business owners, Chengzhiqin Accounting company!

       24-hour hotline: 010-88115532